Component Parts


Component Parts
A great way to provide buttons yourself.

Button Badge Components CC empowers you to start your own business. We sell badge making machines with the components required to design and make your own badges.

The cost of making a badge is small and the badge can be sold for a good profit.

Badges are fun, fashionable and funky and come in various sizes; namely the 25mm, 37mm, 43mm, 56mm and 75mm.

There are also the Combo Hand Press- and Combo Bench Press machines for starting very small.


Various Sized Machines
Starting your own Button Badge business


Once you have your machine operating and have purchased the components you need, you can start making your badges.


Creating your badge.


Any printing programme such us Microsoft publisher, print master or even windows can be used to create your badge. We
will provide you with a template to create the correct size circles which you can colour in the background, add pictures from
clip art and wording with word art.

If you have access to the internet you have access via clipart on line to thousands of pictures.


Businesses looking for badges will also often do the art work and send it to you. Just ensure you give them the correct size.
Copy this onto the template, print and cut.


Surfing the web for badges and stickers will give you some excellent ideas.



You should use a good quality printer, and 80 gram paper. If you do not have a printer or are making a large quantity of badges
you should look at getting quotes from your local Printer.



It is a good idea to have a sticker with your business name and phone number on the back of the badge as people often look at a badge
and ask where a person bought it.


  • Schools are good clients for badges and magnets.  Leaving some samples of positive affirmation badges for children in a staff room
    often creates orders. They all have sporting houses and many have Entrepreneur days.
  • Mother’s day, Fathers day and Christmas presents are often ordered by the schools. The children each draw a picture in the circle,
    the pictures are sentto you and you make them into fridge magnets (all sizes), mirrors or bottle openers (56mm only).
  • Medals for sports days or go-kart days are popular.
  • Schools also order commemorative badges for school anniversaries and special occasions.
  • Many of the bigger churches have shops where badges, mirrors and magnets with Christian messages are popular.
  • Local party shops and gift shops sell badges commemorating birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. However most of these
    are brought in from China or USA and there are no Afrikaans, Sotho or Zulu ones.
  • Gift and card shops also stock magnets with inspirational messages or quotes with photos of nature in the background.
  • People love having fridge magnets to commemorate occasions. We have sold them for Birth of babies, weddings, birthdays,
    anniversaries, invitations and even funerals.
  • They are also very useful as a reminder of a special forthcoming date – wedding, 21st etc. No excuses if you forget the date
    advertised on your fridge for a month or so.
  • Button badges are also used for name tags. Many shops enjoy their staff wearing badges advertising sales, new products
    or promotions when they occur.
  • Fetes and flea markets are also a good place to sell. There is a craze at the moment for Teen-agers to wear small badges with
    funky sayings on their clothes, bags and hats.
  • People are often fascinated how badges are made. If you have a machine operating at a flea market or fete, the children can even
    draw a picture or have their name written on a badge and have it made before their eyes.
  • Magazine, yellow pages and website advertising are all effective means of advertising. As your business grows so will awareness
    of and interest in your products. When a company makes an enquiry, it is a good idea to make a sample and take it or send it to them.
    They often find it difficult to visualize the badge and are usually very impressed with the finished product.
  • Political parties are a good lead.
  • Marketing and promotional companies.
  • Golf days.
  • Name tags.
  • New products or services.


Wear your product where ever you go. People are always looking for new ideas to do things and you will be amazed how many people will
enquire where you got your badge from….




This is always difficult and there will need to be a sliding scale for larger orders and vary

from size to size. As a guide line, for 1000 badges the price would vary from R3-00 (25mm) to R6-00 each for the 75mm. Smaller quantities
would command higher prices of around R5-00 to R15-00 each. Fridge magnets, key rings and bottle openers would be more.


Should you get a large order that your machine cannot cope with or an order for a size you don’t make, do not give up on the order, call
Badges Unlimited, get a quote add-on your commission and make some money while acting as the middle man. It is not uncommon to get
orders from Corporate companies of 10 000 and more.


We hope this information has been useful, Happy badge making!

© Copyright 2015. Badges Unlimited


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