Button Badge Sizes & Uses

25mm  The Tiny One
Less is more when it comes to the 25mm badge.

Keep the design simple with little or no text. “Nkosi …

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32mm The Cute One
This badge is an uncommon size, so it draws attention.

They are small enough to be cute but large enough …

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37mmThe Flirty One
This badge is a fun size. It is ideal for designs that will be read up close.

They are often seen on school bags and caps with …

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43mm The Handy One
This size is the smallest readable badge, when worn on a shirt.

So, it can be worn as identification, to promote awareness …

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56mm The Messenger
This is the most commonly worn badge.

It is the most versatile badge with a choice of …

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58mm The Green One
This badge is made from recycled aluminum, light and rust resistant.

With a safety pin backing, or a bulldog clip, it …

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