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Grand Parents Day Pack
Show them how cherished they are.

Wear your badge and show them that you care about them.

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Halloween Pack
“Trick” or “Treat” time is always fun.

Why not include a Halloween badge for the kids when you hand out their Halloween treats this year.

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Hippie Pack
Groovy baby, it’s the sixties again.

Going back to the vibes of the 60’s. Also a great idea to use as part of your party theme.

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Mother’s Day Pack
Mom’s are irreplaceable, show her how much she means to the family.

There are many different and touching badge designs to choose from.

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Pets Pack
Adore your pets and show your friends how you feel about yours.

The pet collection includes badges all types of animals.

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Recycle Pack
Keeping our environment clean says a lot about people living there.

A great way to teach our future generation to look after the world.

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Rhino Pack
Conservation is an important theme in South Africa.

Show your support to saving the rhino in Africa. The are one of our big five and becoming extinct.

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St Patrick’s Pack
Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by in green style.

Join in the fun and wear your St Patricks’ badge and support your great heritage.

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Teachers Pack
Teacher now you can encourage your students in a special way.

The Teachers pack is filled with designs that will approve, praise and encourage your students in school.

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