Help topics to assist you with anything related to making and ordering your badges.
  1. Designing A Badge

    The first step in designing a badge is to have your artwork ready. You may choose to: 1. Design it Yourself. 2. Use a Graphic Designer to design it for you. 3. Ask Badges Unlimited Design Studio to create your artwork for you.     Before ...

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  2. Sending Your Artwork

    How do I send you my artwork? When e-mailing us your artwork please follow these instructions: If possible make sure your artwork is two to three inches in diameter (5-8cm) so that we can reduce it to the exact size ...

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  3. What Fastening Options Do I Have?

    There are a number of ways you could used for fastening a button badge. Here are some guidelines for you to follow that tells you exactly what is the appropriate method available for the button size you need.       Badge Pin – The ...

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  4. Putting It All Together

    Okay, so here is how we take you through the whole process of making badges for you. Step 1: You need to know what you want to be on the badge, pictures, words, colors and so on. Step ...

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