What Fastening Options Do I Have?

There are a number of ways you could used for fastening a button badge.

Here are some guidelines for you to follow that tells you exactly what is the appropriate method available for the button size you need.




Badge Pin – The most commonly used fastening method. The strong and durable pin allows the badge to used an most material and paper fabrics.

Safety Pin – The big advantage of using the safety pin is that they are safe for children to wear.

Butterfly Clip – This clip is easy on fabric and is good choice for name badges.

Bulldog Clip – The best of both worlds. Easy to clip on or secure the badge with the safety pin.

Clothes Magnet – They have strong magnets that securely fastens the badge when wearing it and they don’t damage your clothing.

Fridge Magnet – Are used available for all badge types and make great gifts and promotional items.

Award Ribbon – They are made up by attaching two ribbon tails to the badge and are mostly used at award ceremonies.

Medal Ribbon -A sizable ribbon is attached to the badge. They are mostly used at prize-giving or sports events.

Rosette – Multi-layered ribbon is neatly folded and attached behind the badge. This makes the badge stand out and is popular at prize-giving events such as horse jumping shows, dog shows and sport events.

Novelty Items – Mirror, Bottle Opener and Key ring. They make for great give-away gifts.

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